Bullying is an increasing problem in our schools, neighbourhoods, families and communities.  Kidzucate, together with your help, aspires to create a world where such abuses are recognised and understood by children, using our educational programs.


Armed with this knowledge and awareness children can take appropriate action to break the chain of Bullying and other forms of abuse and neglect.


The Take-A-Stand program covers emotional abuse, physical abuse and a combination of these. 


114 Page Complete Professional Progam;


  • To identify what bullying behaviour is.

  • To recognise why children Bully others.

  • Learn about different types of Bullying.

  • Learn what is NOT Bullying.

  • Learn what to do when you are being Bullied.

  • Recognise feelings generated by Bullying.

  • Establish the three elements of effective communication.

  • Learn how to be brave.

  • Learn life skills and ways to respond when you are Bullied.

  • Explore the feelings you experience when you are a victim, a bully, a spectator through role-play.

  • Learn statements, behaviours and actions to Take-A-Stand.

  • Define what Taking-A-Stand means.

  • Learning and understanding the Kidzucate Pledge.

  • Define what an Advocate is.

  • Learn more about the work of an Advocate.

  • Learn more about an Advocate message.

  • Divine tattling.

  • Learn what Cost & Payoff is.

  • What is the Cost of Bullying, Payoff of Bullying, Payoff of the Observer.

  • How to treat people around you.

  • Acknowledge that adults sometimes have their own problem.

  • Acknowledge that adults sometimes take their problems out on their children.

  • To introduce the concept of hitting which is excessive.  

  • Learn the concept of words that hurt.

  • Learn how to tell when you are being hurt.

  • Learn how to make a resource list to get help.

  • Learn how to tell effectively.

  • Introduce the No More Secrets Rule.

Profesional Program Manual Paperback

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